The Greenville food scene is even tastier when you share it with someone special!  Here are my favorite places and menu picks for a fabulous foodie weekend for two:

Friday Evening:

Begin the weekend on a flavorful note by heading to Charleston Cooks! for a fun-filled, evening cooking class that is sure to spark some culinary magic!  After you've learned how to cook like pros, take a short stroll down Main Street to The Green Room and toast yourselves with some champagne. You'll also want to share an order (or two) of their award-winning Parmesan Truffle Fries!  Insider's Tip:  Save a little money and sign up for one of the 2 PM Friday afternoon classes a at Charleston Cooks!, which are usually about half the price of their evening classes.  Visit their website for times and class descriptions.

Saturday Evening:

Enjoy the fresh and amazing Charcuterie and Cheese Plate and a delicious cocktail crafted by Chef Clark and his staff at American Grocery Restaurant for starters, then make your way up Main Street for a cozy, romantic dinner at Trattoria Georgio (their featured Veal Chops are spectacular!).  End the evening with dessert and after-dinner drinks at Stellar Restaurant and Wine Bar (they make a mean Old Fashioned).

Sunday Morning:

Sleep in a little bit, then take your sweetie to The Bohemian Café for a wonderful Sunday brunch.  Their Country Benedict is amazing...two fried eggs and sausage patties on English muffins topped with a delectable cheese sauce.  You'll want to compliment your entrée with something sipable from their famous bloody mary bar or a carafe of their mimosas.  Insider's Tip:  Make sure to venture next door to Horizon Records while you're there.  They've got a great selection of classic vinyl worth perusing! 

THAT Something Extra:

Looking for Vegan or Vegetarian Dining Options?

Many, many restaurants in Greenville offer menu items that are vegan-friendly and/or vegetarian-friendly.  Tupelo Honey CaféCantinflasSoby'sChicora Alley, and Barley's are just a few of the eateries that offer delicious meals to suit every diet. 

Need a little relaxation between meals?

Make your weekend even more special with a "Table for Two" experience at River Falls Spa!  After massages, hydrotherapy sessions and strawberries with champagne, you'll both be completely blissful and ready to create more culinary memories together!