Trying new things can be a blast for the whole family! With so many great places to visit here in Greenville, the possibilities for experiencing new flavors, new music, new forms of art and even new and unique animals are endless! Here is how my own family "rolls with the fun" and tries new things at some of our favorite place around town!

Friday Evening:

We start with a family dinner at Barley's Taproom. During the early evening hours, this restaurant is totally kid-friendly, and their menu is sure to please both parents and little ones alike. We love to play with unique and different flavor combinations when we order toppings for our pizza...last time we topped our pie with meatballs! Sometimes we ask for whole wheat dough, too, just to add another flavor to the mix!

After dinner, we walk a few doors down to Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe and pick a fun, flavorful gelato (or two) to share! There are so many cool and interesting colors and flavors to choose from, and their selection changes often. I can't pronounce it, but the stracciatella flavor is certainly a favorite of mine! Insider's Tip: For a dairy-free, fat-free treat, try one of Luna Rosa's sorbettos, which are made only with fresh fruit or juice.


In the early afternoon, we hop in the car and head over to Cleveland Park, where we look for a great new spot to spread out our blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch! With all the open spaces, bridges, and pathways, we can always find a place to hang out that we've never experienced before! Then, we spend a little time swinging, sliding and jumping in the park's awesome playground. We never know who we will see or what new friends we will meet at the park, but one thing's for sure...there's always a lot of laughter involved!

Our next stop is the Greenville Zoo, where we get to visit our exotic animal friends. It's always an adventure, and to add some variety to our trip, we like to start our zoo exploration from a different animal habitat each time! Even though we like to mix things up a bit, we always make sure to stop and wave to the zoo's newest animal pal, Kiko the baby giraffe! Insider's Tip: Did you know that the zoo is open seven days a week, and is only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day? That means you and your own family can "roll with the fun" and visit any day you'd like!


The morning begins with homemade smoothies for breakfast. We like to use fresh, local fruits we pick up at our some of our area's awesome groceries and farmers markets, including TD Saturday Market, Greenville State Farmers MarketCity of Fountain Inn Farmers Market and Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. Since produce selections vary by vendor, season and availability, we can always count on a fun, flavorful new smoothie every time!

Then we head downtown to explore Linky Stone Park. This colorful park is full of plants, storybook sculptures and fun activities to inspire creativity and discovery. We also love watching the squirrels and chipmunks play, and the ducks and geese swim by on the Reedy River...we never know what kind of awesome local wildlife we will see! Insider's Tip: The Park also features a "Five Senses Garden" where kids are encouraged to experience their surroundings using all of their senses.

We end our weekend with lunch on the covered patio at Mac's Speed Shop. If you've never tried Mac's, then I encourage you to "roll with the fun" and pay them a visit! The music is always hopping, their award-winning BBQ is out of this world (my favorite item is EVERYTHING on their "Mexicue" menu!) plus, sitting outside allows for easier viewing of the interesting motorcycles that pull up!

THAT Something Extra:

Discovering treasure in the heart of downtown:
For even MORE fun together, do some treasure hunting of your own and discover something new every time you visit Greenville Gemstone Mine, located right on Main Street downtown. You can mine for gems, browse the cool rocks and wonders, and even see a real meteorite from space!

Who's up for sharing a smile with some animal celebrities?
Get up close and personal with some famous big screen (and small screen) animal stars when you visit Hollywild Animal Park! Be sure to go on the Outback Safari's fun for the whole family!