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Welcome to the Greenville Everyone Is Talking About:
Yeah, THAT Greenville!

Greenville, South Carolina

How did we become that Greenville, you ask? People came, enjoyed, and started to talk about us. They talked about our delicious food and drink, quaint Main Street, bustling art scene, bike-friendly attitude, girlfriend getaways and mancations, picturesque parks, fun-filled festivals, and our sweet Southern hospitality. And the more they talked, the more people wanted to come to experience it all for themselves...which brings us to you. As nice as it is to hear other folks say nice things, it’s you we want to impress. So come on—give us a try! You’ll find your own favorite place, tastes, and ways to celebrate. Experience what turned "America’s Friendliest City" into one of America’s hottest destinations and one of The New York Times' "52 Places to Go in 2023". Yeah, we’re that Greenville!

Nine Ways to Cozy Up to Greenville, SC This Winter

Greenville is the ideal holiday spot to experience magical moments. ❄️ Think hot cocoa, ice skating, gingerbread...

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GVL Home Alone Experience

Don't stay home alone this Christmas. Instead, take part in the ultimate Home Alone experience!

Stay in an iconic Christmas hotel, devour ice cream sundaes and cheese pizza, take a limo ride, go ice skating on the Village Green, shop for toys, and more! Available November 25, 2023, to January 6, 2024. Starts at $599/night.

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"Greenville is another one of those towns reminiscent of a Hallmark movie. With lights lining the streets, a miniature ice skating rink and tree-lighting ceremonies, Greenville will bring all of the Christmas magic (and maybe some warm weather, too!)."


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