Main Street in downtown Greenville (where the good times - and tunes - roll).

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Your Guide to Spending the Day on Lake Keowee

Discover the hidden gem of Lake Keowee, where endless adventures await! Uncover the best-kept secrets of lakeside dining, where tantalizing flavors dance on your taste buds. Dive intothe pristine waters, exploring hidden coves and serene bays. Join us as we reveal the top spots to rent boats and unleash your inner captain. From thrilling water sports to tranquil escapes, Lake Keowee offers it all.

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Jessica's "Bridges of Greenville County" (and a Bit Beyond) Tour

From downtown Greenville to Landrum and Travelers Rest, there are some spectacular sites to behold in our foothills. With so many streams and rivers criss-crossing through our towns and backwoods, it's no surprise to find a collection of bridges, from the historical to the modern, that provide gorgeous views, lovely pictures, and fascinating legends. Each one is magical in its own way, so prepare for a fun day of touring our famous bridges!

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Scott's Family Hiking Weekend

An historic downtown, diverse restaurants, wonderful shopping, and tree-lined neighborhoods all characterize the greater Greenville area. But hidden among our foothills lay hiking trails waiting to be explored. We live in a veritable toy store full of outdoor destinations rich in history, eco-diversity, and high altitude. Come on...let's find the best path to hike!

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