Journey through hidden doors and whispered passwords to uncover the city's best-kept secrets: our speakeasies! From covert entrances to exclusive libations, prepare to sip, socialize, and step back in time in Greenville's speakeasy scene. Don't miss out on the covert charm and elusive elegance awaiting behind closed doors!

Drop It Like It's F. Scott

The secret has been out about Greenville for a while now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few hotspots we keep hush-hush. Our destination is dotted with speakeasies that harken back to the Prohibition Era and Jazz Age, while celebrating today’s sophisticati. You don’t even need a password or a coded knock to get into any of them either—just don’t tell anyone, okay? Now, let’s take a peek behind the hidden door in the bookshelf at downtown Greenville's Golden Age of Conviviality where you can wet your whistle and have a roaring good time. And remember: Act like Audrey, dress like Jackie, and party like Gatsby!

Vault & Vator bills itself (with italics) as downtown's first speakeasy. Made-to-order cocktails and a small menu can be enjoyed above a real vault that V&V says once housed the Dr. Pepper Cola Co. And just like the Prohibition-era version, this joint has house rules: no cell phones, no standing, and appropriate attire. It’s not a frat house, either: no shots, lite beer, Cosmopolitans, or Red Bull. Sit back and relax—specialty drinks take time.

If The Rabbit Hole was a person, you’d be certain with one look that they own many leather-bound books and their apartment smells of rich mahogany. The décor in the main bar is worth the visit alone for the dim, cozy lounge atmosphere, complemented by mossy and elegant wood walls. The Rabbit Hole doesn’t claim it as a complete secret, but it has a back room called The Library that just feels like an exclusive hang. On nights it isn’t reserved for an event, it’s open to the general public and serves up craft cocktails with the finest ingredients, like fresh Honeycrisp apples, mint, and more. Make time to catch up on your reading during your stay—no library card required!

If you drop a martini olive from SIP Whiskey & Wine Bar (please don’t), it might just roll over to the building that houses another underground treasure. You do have to know where this speakeasy is (Hint: under the edifice next to Mast General Store). The place really is neat—as in, simple, no fuss, largely because, as its name implies, it’s all about bourbon. You see, fine Southern mash is best savored without silly mixers or tongue-numbing ice. The menu is uncomplicated, too, with just 11 items, including bacon popcorn (yessss!) and, naturally, homemade Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pieperfect as a decadent dessert after a few pours.

Located in the AC Hotel Greenville Downtown, just a few floors down from its rooftop neighbor, Juniper, The Press Room is a speakeasy’s speakeasy. You’ll enter at the red-carpet entrance and then head straight to the Press Room Editor’s Office. Once there, you’ll enter your private access code and then be ushered into … well, we shouldn’t say. But you can expect exclusive and upscale cocktails. Shhh!
Reservations Required. Dress Code: Smart Casual. 

Like any genuine speakeasy, you gotta know where it is. This one lies behind an inconspicuous brick façade downtown on Coffee Street, which opens to coziness and creativity. TOWN says bartenders size you up to recommend the cocktail they believe you would like, rather than the one you planned to order. Imbibe in one of the owner’s creations: Yamabuki Whisky Cocktail; once you find the place, ask for the recipe. Better yet, see if the barkeep tells you that you want one. Intimate and sophisticated goes for the menu, too.