At The Chef's Table (Tuesdays)

The Tuesday night version of our popular Chef’s Table tour allows guests to experience the “vibe” of lively Greenville evening culinary scene when locals and visitors alike come out to enjoy a night out. The chefs take a moment to come out and greet us and tell us about the dish they’ve prepared. It might be something from the menu…or it might be something they just felt like making that will be a unique experience only to our tour guests. The manager, sommelier, or bartender will explain the drink pairing as part of the visit as well. You’ll learn about the history of the restaurants and what their specialties are…and maybe get a view or seat at one of their private dining rooms.

As always, guest will learn insights and interesting stories about Greenville as we walk from restaurant to restaurant. John Nolan, author of several Greenville history books, will discuss the buildings, people and events that helped shape the attractive city we enjoy today.

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