BOGO Mead Experience

Buy one, get one free Traditional Mead experience! Just present this offer (straight from your phone, or really just mention it) and one of the beetenders will guide you and a guest through a Traditional Mead Tasting where you will get to try a sample of SIX MEADS from four to five different meaderies around the country. Welcome to your new favorite alcoholic beverage!
If you are new to the World of Mead, the most crucial thing to know is that Mead comes from fermenting honey.

Honey on its own is very stable. In fact, it has an indefinite shelf life and honey that has been found in Egyptian tombs (a prize worthy of the afterlife) is still perfectly edible 1000’s of years after it was originally placed in storage. To make mead, meaders have to alter the honey in such a way that it is no longer stable. To do this, they blend honey with water to make an environment where yeasts are able to thrive and start eating the sugars in it. By contrast, the sugars from grapes are fermented to make wine, and the sugars in apples are turned into alcohol to make cider. Beer is slightly different and is made from a variety of grains. The grains go through a process where they are “malted” which turns their starches into sugars; these sugars are extracted during brewing to be fermented with hops that are used as a bittering and flavoring “spice” for the brewer.

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