Book a Brewery Tour and Receive Special Room Rate

Book any tour with The Brewery Experience, and receive a special room rate for the Westin Poinsett Hotel! The Westin Poinsett is a historic hotel located in the heart of downtown Greenville. The Westin Poinsett includes many complimentary amenities including wi-fi, bottled water, a fitness studio, 24/7 room service available, and much more! Learn more about the Westin Poinsett at

Hop on board and Experience what all the buzz is about with Greenville's blossoming new craft-beer scene. Let a Certified Cicerone - that's the beer equivalent of a sommelier for wine - guide you on a fun, educational journey to some of Greenville's most unique breweries. The Brewery Experience offers Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and private tours 7 days a week to local Greenville breweries. Book any private or public tour with The Brewery Experience, and receive this special room rate with the Westin Poinsett. *In order to receive this offer, you must contact The Brewery Experience either by phone or email, and let them know you saw this offer. You must then book a tour with The Brewery Experience, and the code for the room rate will be presented after the purchase is made.

Contact The Brewery Experience today at (828) 216-1343 or

To book hotel reservations, call (800) 937-8461, ask for the corporate rate (and/or) provide promo code. Book online at, enter the promo code on the reservation page. Book the hotel directly at (864) 421-9700, ask for in-house reservations. *If someone other than the guest is paying for the room, you must call the hotel.

*Standard penalties apply including a 48 hour cancellation policy and early departure fees may apply. Rates are never guaranteed, always based on hotel availability.

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