Saturday Afternoon Just Desserts Tour

Start your Saturday afternoon tour at the Westin Poinsett Hotel with a sweet,
Southern delicacy in Greenville's beautiful historic atmosphere. From there, the
group is led to Maestro's Bistro and Dinner Club to enjoy decadent chocolate
creations paired with peanut perfection. Next, the tour heads over to Bonjour
Crêpe to indulge in some heavenly French cuisine as delicate crêpes are served
up with all the toppings one can imagine. Lastly, if that wasn't enough, the tour
will end at M. Judson's bookstore, yes...a bookstore, where one can enjoy a cozy
cup of coffee paired with fresh baked goods, all while being surrounded by a
comforting world of literature. What could be a better way to spend a Saturday

Tickets From: $65 Book Now

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