In late 2018, Dwain and his wife Meredith quit their corporate jobs to dedicate all of their time and energy to fulfilling their mutual dream of opening an art gallery and becoming full-time artists. On November 8th, 2019, they opened the doors of Woodbine Studio & Gallery for the first time, and participated in Open Studios (a community-wide arts event put on by the Metropolitan Arts Council each year). Dwain had not painted in over 20 years, but in that one year, he created nearly 100 paintings and sculptures. His wife said, "Watching him work was amazing. Some days it was as if he couldn't get his ideas out fast enough. He had found his joy, and it showed in everything that he did. We had done what we set out to do. We were beyond happy."

Meredith Skinner will still officially be opening Woodbine Studio on Friday, February 14th, 2020. It was their dream, their hard work, sweat, and tears. Valentine's Day was the date they had selected together to permanently open the studio and gallery, and Meredith is sticking with that date for the grand opening. She is planning on getting some art shows together to showcase what Dwain was working on—not to sell—but to share his artistic genius with the world utilizing pieces no one has ever seen. 

The studio offers graphic and print design, illustration work, mixed media, collage, sculptures, and paintings. Dwain's artist statement was "I start with the deconstruction of images, old books, and found objects. My work is a reconstruction of these elements along with paint and pencil—compositions of color and texture that blur the line between abstract and realism."


Contact Information:

Woodbine Studio
1112 Rutherford Road
Greenville, SC 29609