2024 Reedy Reels Film Festival

The Reedy Reels Film Festival is a must see tradition for Greenville.  Each year they showcase independent films.  Many films are made in the upstate, and many are student projects from various universities, colleges, and even high schools.  The festival spans 3 days, with multiple viewing sessions.  Hundreds of films are typically submitted and Reedy Reels selects the best for their audiences.  The festival also has a tradition of having some great parties and networking opportunities.  Many filmmakers, actors, and others from the film industry attend.  It's a great way to make industry connections for your next steps in filmmaking.  After each viewing session, they also have a Q&A session where the filmmakers take questions from the audience about the films you watched.  So if you are in the film industry, or have interest in independent films as an art form, then this festival is for you!

The Reedy Reels Film Festival is pleased to partner with SC Children's Theatre to host their event.