American Patchwork Quartet

American Patchwork Quartet (APQ) is on a mission to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots Music. With several Grammy awards among its members, APQ brings together diverse backgrounds and talents to reimagine timeless songs from America’s past. By weaving together the music, stories, and experiences of many people, APQ creates a beautiful musical tapestry that draws connections between contemporary American culture and its immigrant roots. Their repertoire includes expert reimaginings of classic songs such as "Wayfaring Stranger," "Pretty Saro," and "Beneath the Willow.”

Conceived by Clay Ross, a multi-Grammy award-winning musician known for his work with Ranky Tanky, APQ represents an earnest effort to reconcile traditional Southern roots with decades of experience collaborating in New York City's jazz and world music scenes. With a sound that blends jazz refinement, country twang, West African hypnotics, and East Asian ornaments, APQ creates a musical patchwork that celebrates both differences and commonalities, serving as a metaphor for a more inclusive nation.

Since launching in 2020, APQ has covered nearly 20,000 miles together. Their impressive credentials include collaborating with prestigious cultural institutions such as Carnegie Hall in NYC, Forbes Center in VA, Weis Center in PA, and Walton Center in AR. The group made their international festival debut in 2022 at the World Expo in UAE. APQ has received both residency and touring grants from South Arts and Mid-Atlantic Arts, and they have been selected as official showcasing artists at Western Arts Alliance, Arts Midwest, NC Arts Market, and Folk Alliance. Their debut album, recorded at Echo Mountain Studio’s in Asheville, NC will be released in Fall of 2023.