Andrew Jackson, Chautauqua History Comes Alive Talk

Join an audience that loves talking back to history to discuss South Carolina’s native son, Andrew Jackson with Larry Bounds who will perform as Jackson in the June Festival “It’s Revolutionary” – June 14-23.  (This event is NOT a costumed performance.)

Andrew Jackson stormed into politics the champion of the Common Man (not, of course to include women, slaves or Native Americans.) He added vast regions of the South to the US, but it was land brutally wrested from Native Americans. He was the champion of the common white man, who owned over 100 black Americans. He was the founder of the Democratic Party, whose enemies accused him of being an American Napoleon. 
As volatile as the Age of Jackson was, his fight for the rights of the average white male pointed the way for those excluded – the female, the slave, the free black and the Native American – to rise up to demand Jacksonian Democracy for themselves. The Jacksonian Era was nothing short of another American Revolution.

FREE event and parking.

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