Imagine the difference a single balloon can make! Balloonacy is a charming theatre experience that finds an old lady alone on her birthday. Children and their caretakers will delight in the comic antics that are generously sprinkled through her story and the friendship that floats into her life at just the right moment. With a little help from the audience and ALOT of clowning around, she soon comes to find that companions come in all shapes. This nonverbal comedy for the very young is perfectly suited for audiences as young as one year old and invites all who to share in the joy of togetherness. Performances run 30-40 minutes.

Wee Play Theatre (Theatre for the Very Young) is a professional performance for ages 18 months – 5 years old and their grown-ups. The most important characteristic is the quality of human engagement. There is less emphasis on language, and more on sensory inputs such as sight, non-linguistic sound and touch. When attending a Wee Play production you can expect the following:

The audience is small (50 people or less) and shows times are only 25-45 minutes.
The Artistic experience easily overcomes age and developmental barriers.
A visual storytelling using simple plots helps young ones explore on their own terms.
It is an inventive approach to the art experience for children and parents alike.
The Organic participation encourages children to interact throughout the performance.
Post-performance experience allows for exploring the performance area & actors.

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