Complete Textile Mill & Village Tour

The textile industry is the most significant aspect of Greenville's history. It employed 1 out of every 3 people here for many years and had world-wide reach and importance.

This driving tour first takes you to eight of the mills from the “early years” built up between 1874-1902 then continues to explore major mills from the “second wave” of mill building between 1910-30 for a full tour of Greenville’s famous “Textile Crescent”. Guests will learn in-depth about the mill leaders, workers, buildings, what village life was like, what the mills produced, why they closed, and what is going on there now.

You'll see 100s of historic photos on a screen that dramatically illustrate the themes discussed. You'll also have a chance to actually touch and hold vintage artifacts from this era. Enjoy a fun and educational tour that gives you great insights to this important aspect of Greenville's past and present success.