Dragonsoul Offline


Free with first-come/first-served (reserved seats for VIPs, Donors available at their website)

At the South Carolina Children's Theatre on Sunday August 14 at 2pm.

In Dragonsoul Offline, Devon is split between the online world of battling dragons and the real world of battling middle school. To him, there’s nothing worse than logging off from his party of friends and sitting through another lonely and mundane day of 7th grade. When the student body president (and girl of his dreams) takes notice of Devon’s natural leadership abilities in a time of need, Devon starts to wonder if maybe some of what makes him so epic online can also make the real world a little more interesting… An action-packed play split between two different worlds and two different personas shows us how one smart kid discovers his true superpower.

In October 2020 as a response to field-wide reckoning with racial injustice and inequities in the industry compounded by the COVID crisis, the ReImagine: New Plays in TYA program was launched by TYA/USA. The aim was to support the development and visibility of new works for young audiences by BIPOC playwrights in an artist-centered process. The South Carolina New Play Festival is honored to be premiering a winning play of the TYA/USA "Reimagine" Project.