Businesses across Greenville, SC are taking the Greater Greenville Pledge—our commitment to health and safety in reopening responsibly.

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A Note on COVID-19's Impact: 

Due to the ever-changing situation in regard to COVID-19, please note that information below is subject to change. Please check with individual businesses/venues for the most up-to-date information. Thank you!

FELT Expressions - Exhibition by Artist Cecilia Ho

Beginning July 2nd through 28th, visit the first floor Community Gallery at Greenville Center for Creative Arts and experience Cecilia Ho's solo exhibition, "FELT Expressions."

Statement from Cecilia Ho - In the "FELT Expressions" exhibition, I hope you will feel Nature's many expressions. Like a geode, it is a blessing in disguise. Geode comes from the Greek word “ γεώδης ” (geóides) meaning “earth-like”. From the outside, geodes resemble common rocks, but when they are broken open, they reveal a hollow cavity lined with a layer of agate and often filled with crystals. It's a mysterious gift from Mother Nature which symbolize inner beauty.