First Friday and Opening Night of "Looking Back and Forging Ahead: A Covid Retrospective" with Ashley Waller and Jane Allen Nodine

Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA) will open a new Community Gallery exhibition, Looking Back and Forging Ahead: A Covid Retrospective with artists Jane Allen Nodine and Ashley Waller on Friday, November 5th, 2021.

An opening reception will be held during First Friday on November 5th from 6-9pm and the exhibition will be on display until December 29th. 

Operating within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, artists Jane Allen Nodine and Ashley Waller share their perspectives on the ways the virus impacts our thinking and daily life. Since the lockdowns occurred, Ashley Waller channels her paintings into melancholic distortions of home environments. She emphasizes the “greater time at home has strained stereotypical expectations of the home and reveals the depth of environment & relationship failings...the occupants of the domestic spaces exude a sense of unease and separation, and they often fail to interact with each other.” 

Jane Allen Nodine’s abstract paintings first served as a coping mechanism as she was separated from family. As Jane states, “I began working with no specifics in mind, other than letting the process of making art flow like that of the surrealists with automatism, the performance of actions without conscious thought or intention. Soon this process began to show results like a lens coming into focus.” The work then came to embody a response to the fears of the virus as well as to hopes for a brighter future. She metaphorizes the drowning of negative ideations through forms of shriveled texture being taken over by richly colored paint. 

As part of First Friday activities during this exhibition opening, GCCA will provide an interactive and free family art activity celebrating the Day of the Dead, which will be led by Tania Ro, one of GCCA's Studio Artists who was born and raised in Mexico.