First Friday and Stacks: Taylor Adams and Glory Day Loflin

Art & Light Gallery will host an artist meet & greet First Friday, September 2nd from 6-8pm to celebrate the release of Stacks. Stacks features the work of Taylor Adams and Glory Day Loflin in a joint exhibition.

Greenville, SC artists Taylor Adams and Glory Day Loflin collaborate to create a collection of paintings and sculpture while exploring their shared landscape and shared friendship. Exhibition works will be released through Art & Light on Tuesday, August 30th online and in the gallery beginning at 10am EST and will conclude Saturday, October 1st at 4pm.

Art and Light resident artist Taylor Adams creates work that speaks to the careful tensions and poetic nature of time through abstract landscapes. Throughout Adam’s work, the focus is an elusive horizon line drawn with many fine threads across a  multilayered surface of ink washes, graphite, and textured media. These stacked horizon lines fall off the picture plane on either side, creating a feeling both whole  and boundless, serene and kinetic.  

Glory Day Loflin makes sculptures, paintings, and drawings reflective of her life experiences. This body of work explores imagery of the creek bed she was raised by and the rolling hills local to her home in Greenville, South Carolina. Through the  materials of wood, clay, and pigment, this collection of work evokes the multi-colored sedimentary layers, gradation of greens, and reflective bodies of water found in the landscape that surrounds her.