First Friday Artist Reception: Sense of Place with Susan Melrath

Join Susan Melrath as Art & Light Gallery hosts an artist reception as part of First Fridays on May 5th from 6-8pm EST to celebrate this new collection.

Inspired by her experiences; the landscapes, structures, and people around her every day…and the dreams that come at night. “A Sense of Place” by Melrath focuses on the stories connected to nearly every house and street corner of her childhood neighborhood. Melrath reminisces, “The houses weren’t particularly beautiful. Some were quite rundown, but each place had an intrinsic character and meaning for my nine-year-old self.”

“A Sense of Place” will be released through Art & Light Gallery at 10am EST on May 2nd online or in the gallery and conclude on May 27th at 4pm EST. The exhibit can be viewed & purchases made at the Art & Light Gallery website.