First Sunday Expeditions with Patrick McMillan

Join Emmy Award winning television host and naturalist Patrick McMillan for an unforgettable adventure on Lake Jocassee. This month Patrick, Brooks and Kay will guide you and your family on a tour of the features that make the gorges region a biological hotspot and provide the microhabitats that have made the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment Ecoregion a crucible of life for millenia. Abundant moisture, deep gorges, and rapid elevation change are part of the equation that has allowed tropical ferns to flourish beneath a canopy of trees that are also found in New England and eastern Canada! Few people ever get the chance to see these rare ferns and plants that make their home here and nowhere else in North America but you will on this expedition. Towering majestic waterfalls, birdlife, incredible scenery and of course the abundance of wildflowers are woven together by the experience and artful storytelling of Dr. McMillan. Jocassee Lake Tours hope you'll join them for a look deep into these ancient hills. 

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