Flavoring Foods (Demo & Tasting)

FLAVORING FOODS (Demo & Tasting)
One of the most important skills in any cook’s repertoire is the ability to build flavors throughout the cooking process, from pairing the right herbs and spices together to using techniques that maximize flavor in the final product.

In this course, you’ll learn to think like a chef about salt, herbs, spices and techniques that make your favorite cuisine distinctive. What are some substitutions you can make to achieve great results even if you’re out of a particular ingredient or can’t find it in your local grocery? How much salt is enough and how can you tell?

Spend two hours preparing and tasting a variety of proteins, vegetables and grains under the guidance of CHI’s professional chef-instructor, and learn how to take your cooking from bland to bold.

Each Studio Demonstration & Tasting Class includes the following:

  • Professional culinary instruction with interactive Q/A

  • Two high-definition TV screens with live video to ensure a great view from every seat in CHI’s culinary studio

  • Tapas-sized portions of several dishes

  • An informational packet with all the recipes, tips and techniques covered during the demonstration

Taste and learn at CHI!

At each of CHI’s Hands-on Cooking Classes, you’ll enter Greenville Tech’s gleaming new commercial kitchen to be a culinary student for the day. CHI's culinary educators bring extensive cooking and teaching experience to help you become a stronger cook while enjoying your time in the kitchen. Hone your knives and your skills to become more proficient and efficient as you cook dinner for your family, impress your friends at the grill, or bake sweet treats with coworkers.

Each Hands-on Cooking Class includes the following:

  • Step-by-step instruction from CHI’s chef-instructor as you produce several dishes in CHI’s state-of-the-art commercial kitchen

  • Knives and aprons to use during your class

  • Enjoy all of the food you prepare at the end of class, and take home what you don’t finish!

  • An informational packet with recipes, tips and techniques covered during your hands-on class

Put on an apron, learn a new skill and cook something delicious at CHI!