Greenville Zoo Conservation Lecture: Saving South American Giants

Two formidable giants from another era still roam the lands of South America: the giant armadillo and the giant anteater. Come hear about them in this one hour talk. Very little was known about giant armadillos until the Giant Armadillo Conservation Program (GACP) started in 2010. Arnaud started working alone searching for the species with just a few camera traps in the Pantanal. Today the program spans three biomes and a team of six dedicated Brazilian biologists and veterinarians. They have made amazing discoveries and still have so much to learn. The team also works with giant anteaters and is currently searching for ways to prevent them from being killed on the numerous highways that now cross their habitat. Giant anteaters are the third most common road kill in Mato Grosso do Sul and the species could become locally extinct in some areas due to vehicle collisions. Come Join Arnaud as he explains his journey and to learn more about how you can help to save these two incredible giants. For more information on anteater work see For more information about this event and the Conservation Lecture Series, see

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