In Conversation with Julie Chavez

Join us on Wednesday, January 17th at 5:30 pm for an In Conversation event with author Julie Chavez. She’ll be chatting about her new book, Everyone But Myself: a memoir, alongside Paula Faris.

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Like so many mothers, Julie Chavez ran herself ragged trying to meet the needs of everyone else, until an unexpected panic attack forced her to find a new way. Funny, deeply honest, and inspiring for readers feeling overwhelmed in their own lives, Everyone But Myself feels like a best friend sharing how she pulled herself back to solid ground while embracing chaos along the way.

"In my experience, the phrase 'all of a sudden' is rarely applicable when it comes to mental health."

For Chavez, an elementary school librarian and mother of two boys, the signs of mounting anxiety and depression had been present for a while, though she had done her very best to ignore them. Then, one night, while her husband was away on business, Julie found herself locked in a debilitating panic attack that threw her life into a tailspin. The terrifying aftershocks left her grappling with questions about the origin of her anxiety and where it would lead next.

What follows is a funny, unflinchingly open account of love and loss, comically negligent doctors, husbands who can't read minds, family outings gone wrong, and the life-affirming joy of a life well loved and well lived.

Written with humor and hope, and sure to resonate with mothers spread thin by the demands of modern family life, Everyone But Myself offers an intimate portrait of how one woman found her way back from the edge.


Julie Chavez is an elementary school librarian in Northern California. Though thousands of books pass through her hands each month, Everyone But Myself is the first one written by her. Julie lives with her husband and two tall teenagers in a house where she arranges her books by color.