Late Baroque - Bach and Bordeaux

Within the world of Louis the XIV, Newton’s laws of motion, and Milton’s Paradise Lost, the Late Baroque period saw musical innovations, with new forms and designs, including the sonata, oratorio, and concerto. Public theaters and opera houses became popular, providing the ideal environment for the growth of chamber music and blossoming solo instrumental stars. Ornament your day with this Peace Interlude.

Peace Interludes - New this year!

Peace Center Artist-in-Residence Igor Begelman hosts a FREE monthly music appreciation gathering that will unpack the rich traditions, diverse styles, and great composers of chamber music and beyond. Each interlude features a unique pairing ranging from Bach and Bordeaux to Chopin and Champagne, providing a multi-sensory sip, listen, and learn experience that highlights a musical period. Interludes are the perfect time to unwind, meet up, and connect with your musical community! (Featured drinks are available for purchase.)

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