Meet the Artist: Erin Hughes

Erin Hughes will introduce a new year with Fragments, the first exhibition of 2024, in the Art & Light Gallery partnership with The Anchorage Restaurant in the Village of West Greenville. Join Erin for a ticketed artist meet and greet and artist talk on Thursday, March 7 from 5:00-6:30pm EST to learn more about the artist and the inspiration behind her collection. During the event, a signature cocktail will be served along with small bites, making the perfect culmination of fine art and fine food. Click Website button for more information and to purchase tickets. Reservations are available for dinner after the event by contacting The Anchorage. The exhibit is also on view during regular dining hours at The Anchorage. 

In Fragments, Hughes employs a variety of mediums including encaustic, oils, and medium format film photography. Then, with layers of graphite, encaustic medium, and oils, a landscape evolves...a reminder of the importance of place and time. Erin shares, “I am constantly exploring the nuances of beauty and the influence of nostalgia and loss on our life experience. When I examine all of the elements of my personality, relationships, and life experiences, the predominating theme is the connection between great love and great loss. My work is an attempt to mark the moments of time when one is aware that the separation between joy and suffering is actually quite small. The idea that beauty can hurt and great love is often bound to great suffering fascinates me. I am in a constant pursuit to maintain our connection to beauty, awe, and wonder while also acknowledging the separation from these notions that occurs as we age and our daily responsibilities multiply. My most recent series, Fragments, seeks to represent our limited memory of a landscape and how we carry only a piece of that reality forward and thereby experience the ache of the loss of time itself.”