Mini Makers :: Down on the Farm

Put on your overalls and start your tractors; it’s time to go Down on the Farm! In this preschool class, we'll sow the seeds of knowledge and grow a love for all things farm-tastic. Mini Makers will cultivate their math skills as they practice number recognition, count the eggs in the henhouse, and even pick the veggies! Your little farmers will also begin to notice cause and effect as they engage in agricultural activities, such as planting seeds and watering plants! Come grow with us!

During class you and your curious learner will have time to explore the five imagination stations and participate in making an art creation that has been tailored for this specific topic. Each of the stations and activities helps to build on the four core goals of the Mini Makers program, which includes encouraging creative play, social interactions and community building, educational development, along with developing fine and gross motor skills. This class is also a great opportunity for grown-ups to connect with their little one and share great memories along the way. As you leave, take with you your finished masterpiece(s) and the excitement to continue exploring this subject at home!

Recommended for children ages 2-5. Visit their website for more information and registration.