Paleface | Live Music

Paleface was schooled by underground music icon Daniel Johnston, and discovered at an NYC open mic by Danny Fields (The Stooges, The Ramones, MC5), who managed him for the next eight years. Paleface has released albums for Polygram and Sire Records, and indie labels Ramseur and Shimmy Disc. He’s been called a “major musical influence” by artists including BECK and The Avett Brothers. (He has collaborated and appeared on three of The Avett’s albums, most notably as the “4th Thief” on their album Four Thieves Gone.) 

* "We used to go to all the open mics together. Paleface taught me Daniel Johnston songs on the sidewalk and let me sleep on his couch. He's a great songwriter, a generous friend, and a big influence on my early stuff." —Beck

* "Paleface is a gem, a brilliant man… one of the greatest songwriters on Earth." —The Avett Brothers

* "Paleface is one of the scene’s best-loved products." —Time Out NY

* "Melodic songs with a sunny vibe while maintaining an edge." —The New Yorker