Pop-Up Author: Jay Bergen

Stop by Saturday, June 4th to meet author Jay Bergen and hear about his incredible book! During his career as a lawyer, Bergen handled a case for the most famous member of the most famous band in the world, The Beatles. In 1975, John Lennon fought an epic legal battle when the notorious Mafia-connected owner of Roulette Records, Morris Levy, released Roots, a bootleg version of a rock ’n’ roll oldies album Lennon had been producing. Told in John’s own words from the trial transcript, Jay’s book provides amazing insight into John’s recording process, recording studio expertise, Rock ‘n’ Roll album, why he chose to do an album of ’50s rock songs he didn’t write, and the damage John suffered as a result of the unfinished Roots album. The resulting testimony reveals the creative process of an acknowledged genius of rock and roll.