Reclaiming Freedom, a Community Conversation & Artisan Auction benefiting Soteria CDC

Freedom, what it means, what it costs, and how we fight for it is at the forefront of the issues we face every day as a society, within our communities, and as individuals. Whether they're talking about abortion, gun laws, war in the Ukraine, or criminal justice - fights for freedom are often misunderstood, often exploited, often ignored, often painted in a color we did not define. Soteria is not interested in looking at these issues from political platforms; they are interested in discussing them as a community.  As a people who have more in common than we realize, and who have the imagination, creativity, brilliance, and power to come together to empower change.

On Oct 27, Soteria is hosting a community event that will celebrate reclaiming freedom. They will auction art donated by artisans in the community along with pieces built by the men apart of their social enterprise, Soteria at Work, all while having a community conversation about what it means to reclaim freedom in 2022.

Come out and celebrate with Soteria. Support their Reentry work. 

Tickets are $40 and are on sale now!

Soteria Community Development Corporation (CDC) provides housing, transportation, education, job training, job placement, and support services to men in a 6-12 month reentry program so that they may reunite with their families and build stable, successful lives.