Say What Poetry Open Mic with Feature SilDag & Spotlight Poet Azar King

Say What is at Coffee Underground on Sunday! Poetry Open Mic, Slams and Spotlight Features; shows hosted by poets such as Moody Black and Jenice Pleasant. The night will also feature poetry games and open mic slots for local poets on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Produced by Wits End Poetry. All poetry styles welcome. Doors open at 7:00pm. Only 35 tickets for sale via Eventbrite. Entry is only guaranteed to those with advanced tickets. Non-sold out shows have tickets for sale at the door via credit card, Cashapp, Paypal, or cash. $witsendpoetry

Say What feature John M. Starino is a Poet, Author, Performance Poet and Emcee. As a writer his previous three self-published books of poetry include Onion Season Pt. 1, Onion Season Pt. 2 and They Are Only Spoons. He draws inspiration from his time of being a caregiver for his parents Alice & John Starino. Their year of departure from this plane was 2004. Most of his poetry deals with reflections of real world events. He does pull some satire and whimsy into his writing. Those who are familiar with his work know he speaks from his heart. Full Circle is dedicated to his wife, Maria, in memory of trials and joy together.