Sight(s) Specific

"Sight(s) Specific" is a new exhibition at Greenville Center for Creative Arts on display from April 1st through May 25th. In "Sight(s) Specific," artists Julia Morrisroe, Charles Geiger, and Meredith Stoudenmire investigate the deeper impact of climate change, migration, and the controversial narratives associated with American monuments. Through abstracted forms, environmental and social issues precipitate to create conversation surrounding our past and our future. 

Charles Geiger says, “My paintings are composed of abstracted botanical forms that merge with social and environmental issues... forms become visual metaphors in a somewhat shamanistic gesture to “heal” more abstract problems facing humankind: health, war, violence, extinctions, invasive species and other issues of climate change.” 

Julia Morrisroe states, “My paintings examine the purpose of public monuments and who they served. With over seven hundred monuments still standing next to public buildings, in the center of city parks, and in public squares I considered how a monument could be repurposed or reimagined or transformed into something new, how its origin could be embedded in a painting but through its assimilation into my visual language,  be transformed into a new, critical, exposure of our history.” 

Meredith Stoudenmire adds, “The themes in my most recent series have taken a turn towards adventure and a childlike draw to risk taking. The volcano is a destination and the characters are on a journey to seek answers.”