The 2nd Annual LGBTQ Professional Career Fair

According to the Center for American Progress, HALF of LGBTQ+ adults reported facing some kind of employment discrimination in 2022. Additionally, UCLA research indicates that pre-pandemic LGBT people living in South Carolina were over double as likely to be unemployed as their non-LGBT peers. Given these realities, the Upstate LGBT+ Chamber is excited to co-present with Pride Link the second annual career fair for LGBTQ professionals and allies.

For LGBT+ professionals, this is a great way to meet potential employers and network with LGBT-affirming businesses and for Upstate area employers, this provides an opportunity to actively engage HR and recruiting teams in supporting the LGBT+ community in The Upstate. The connections made will support a more equitable South Carolina where everyone can thrive. 

This is a combined event with Pride Link and the Upstate LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce and we're expecting a significant number of job seekers throughout the day making this a great opportunity to recruit for job openings. This event is free to attend for job seeks and does not require registration. Registration is required for employers to attend. 

As a special dimension of our event, the organizing team is proactively addressing inequities by helping to ensure all candidates can feel prepared for employer interactions. Check back for a full schedule of workshops to be hosted on Tuesday, April 11th from 4 to 7 pm to help prepare you professionally. On April 11th, candidates will be able to create and update their resumes and print them out in preparation for the career fair! Candidates will also have access to the full G.E.A.R. closet prior to meeting any potential employers.