The Restrained and Exuberant: Neo-Classical and Rococo Movements

ArtBreak: Art Through the Ages

For far more than art appreciation, come deepen your existing knowledge of history and discover the inextricable link between art and message—a reflection of and influence on their times and our own. Referencing works around the world and in our own Collection, M&G’s Director of Education, Donnalynn Hess and Executive Director, Erin Jones offer a memorable and engaging journey of art through the ages.

Thursday, March 2, 2023:  Restrained and Exuberant: Neo-Classical and Rococo Movements

The 18th-century world broadens with colonization and revolutions, and the art of the times reflects the period’s order and chaos. Key personalities include George III, George Washington, William Wilberforce, Katherine the Great, Maximilian Robespierre, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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