With the Wind

Les Hicken, conductor
Erik Franklin, clarinet
Richard Strauss: Serenade for 13 wind instruments
Robert Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik
Erik Franklin: Solo Clarinet (Premiere)
Igo Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments
Kurt Weill: Little Three-Penny-Opera for Symphonic Winds

Richard Strauss was the son of an extraordinary horn player. Even the notoriously cranky composer Richard Wagner was quoted as saying “when he plays his horn, one cannot stay cross with him.” Did Richard’s dad influence his Serenade in E-flat? Probably. Either way, you can’t miss this chance to hear clarinet soloist Erik Franklin and the outstanding winds of the Greenville Symphony in a program that features just them. It’s a rare and wonderful opportunity to focus on the instruments of the orchestra powered by breath alone.

Erik Franklin, a Furman graduate and prominent American clarinetist is a former student of Les Hicken, and has written a new work which will be premiered on this program. South Carolina history is happening here.