In South Carolina, BBQ is an official attraction. In Greenville, it’s smokin’ serious.

If South Carolina truly is the birthplace of BBQ, then who are we to downplay this smoky birthright? Everyone has their own opinion, but when we talk BBQ here in Greenville, we mean much more than pulled pork (although if you just say “barbecue” around here, pork is what you’ll get). We’re talking mouthwatering ribs, tender brisket, savory sausage and traditional chicken, all served up with the four “official” styles of sauce: mustard-based, vinegar pepper, light tomato, and heavy tomato. Suffice it to say, the choices are as plentiful as the flavors are incredible.

Don't wait until you're hangry! Stake (steak?) out a table for some fine dining—with a side of sweet Southern hospitality.