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It takes a village. And you've found one! Greenville Explorers Greenville Explorers has the dedicated mission to offer expert family education services including preschool, camp, after-school services, & family-friendly tours. Their dedication to the whole child experience including attention to healthy eating, physical fitness, access to the math, science, and technology, and an appreciate for literature and art that reflects children in their own unique image.

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Oct 29 2021 - Oct 29 2021

October 29

Oct. 29

Parent Free PJ Party! Need a date night? Have a costume party to go to? Want to drop off your little ones while you have a night out? Join World Explorers, Greenville for a...

Greenville Explorers



Nov 09 2021 - Dec 08 2021

November 09

Dates vary between October 14, 2021 - December 8, 2021

Book a convenient date and join Greenville Explorers for a tour of their preschool! Your family members are welcome to attend. Virtual tours available upon request. Times...

Greenville Explorers



Nov 12 2021 - Nov 12 2021

November 12

Nov. 12

Join World Explorers, Greenville for a fun night of pizza, snacks, activities and a movie! Tonight’s feature film is "Inside Out." Cost is ALL INCLUSIVE! Our explorers will...

Greenville Explorers



Dec 20 2021 - Dec 22 2021

December 20

Dec. 20 - Dec. 22

Dec 20, Dec 21, Dec 22, 2021: Winter Wonderland Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland! Open up your imagination and explore your frozen fantasies with the Greenville Explorers many...

Greenville Explorers



Dec 27 2021 - Dec 29 2021

December 27

Dec. 27 - Dec. 29

Dec 27, Dec 28, Dec 29, 2021: Super Spy Kids Join Greenville Explores as they become super spies! Explorers will decode messages, perform secret missions, and work with their...

Greenville Explorers