Greenville SC Brews Cruise

Historically, Greenville is known as the Textile Capital of the World. But all that changed in the late 20th century as the textile industry mostly moved overseas. However, Greenville was already positioned to absorb the exiting industry, as business leaders around the world who had worked with Greenville companies wanted be here. And its citizens, along with the strong leaders of Greenville, have created a place in the upstate of South Carolina that continues to receive prestigious awards and flattering and rave reviews. The growth in the brewery industry has exploded and with it, the time has come for Greenville to host its own Brews Cruise!

The brewery tours offer both residents of Greenville and guests (along with our southern hospitality) the opportunity to safely and easily visit multiple breweries, taste plenty of samples, learn the brewing process, see behind-the-scenes where the beer is made and talk to the people who make it.

Without question, taking a tour is the best, safest, most fun way to dive into the Greenville craft beer scene!

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