Greenville SC Brews Cruise

Greenville was once known as the "Textile Capital of the World." When the textile industry migrated overseas in the late 20th century, the old mills were left vacant. The rustic brick buildings all around downtown are a relic of this time gone by. However, Greenville's citizens and leaders positioned the city to move onward to a new chapter, a new identity. Today, these old mills have been renovated and house a wide range of new restaurants and businesses. Alongside the city's growth in business, the brewery industry has blossomed as well. The time of mills has passed, but the time of brewery tours has only just arrived!

Greenville SC Brews Cruise offers both residents and visitors Southern hospitality as they make their way safely and easily to visit some of the best breweries in the Upstate region. Along the way, you'll get behind-the-scenes tours of the brew houses and their processes while sipping on a wide range of tasty samples. Brews Cruise's Saturday tours feature a rotation of 3 breweries each. Book ahead of time to secure your spot!

Without a doubt, Greenville SC Brews Cruise is the best, safest, and most fun way to dive into the city's craft beer scene.

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