Grill Marks at Haywood Mall

This isn't your typical burger joint! Seeing a need for a GREAT burger in Greenville, Larkin had the idea of a creative burger restaurant, offering the best burgers, the best buns with the best toppings they could source.  With the assistance of Mark (Larkin’s husband) and Bob Munnich, operating partner from Greenville, they are developing a management team, menu and facility to deliver the best service and atmosphere to enjoy their great burgers, salads, sides and desserts.  To top it all off, the creation of a gourmet milk shake, adult milk shake menu and an amazing wine list will further enhance the dining experience at MARKS! Grill MARKS has worked with butchers, fine meat purveyors and chefs to develop the perfect blend of chuck, brisket and hanger steak, all 100% Certified Angus Beef Brand.  Working with a local baker, they designed a brioche bun that is the perfect compliment to the burger, fluffy and light, yet still sturdy enough to hold the burger without getting soggy.  To compliment the great burgers and wonderful buns, MARKS has a gourmet selection of cheeses, toppings, sides, and of course home made ice cream that provides the perfect platform for gourmet milk shakes and shake”Tails” - adult milk shakes!

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