Herdklotz Park

This beautiful park has a higher elevation and offers lovely views of both the downtown Greenville skyline to the south and the peak of Paris Mountain to the north.

With both a small and a large outdoor shelter, Herdklotz is a perfect place to host your party or event. The park's small shelter can accommodate up to 12 people and is adjacent to the toddler playground, so you can keep an eye on your children while you relax. The large shelter has enough capacity for 80 guests and includes a grill and restrooms. It too is located close by both playground areas. Both shelters are available for rental via the Greenville County PRT website. The park's other features include two multi-purpose athletic fields, a volleyball court, two horseshoe courts, a walking trail, and one of the best playgrounds in the County.

Not only is Herdklotz a pretty place to host a party, it also has a rich local history. The site was once home to the Hopewell Sanatorium, a nationally acclaimed hospital for patients with tuberculosis. Remains of the root cellar were saved during park construction and signage around the park offers visitors historical insights into an era that spanned the early 1900s. After the hospital was damaged by a fire, the County decided to use the land to improve the community in a new way—by building a park!

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General Information
  • Minutes To GSP Airport: 28
  • Minutes To Downtown Greenville: 11
  • Minutes to Greenville Convention Center: 15
  • Miles to Greenville Convention Center: 5
  • Miles to Bon Secours Wellness Arena: 4.8
  • Number of Grass Fields: 2
Soccer/Field Hockey, LaCrosse
  • Number of Adult Fields: 2
Sports Venue General Information
  • Outdoor Venue:
Facility Info
  • Description The playground is very popular among the youngsters, and the shelter is great for parties because it has a grill, electrical power, 10 tables and holds 75 people.