Loyal to Greenville

Welcome to Greenville, SC. Loyal to Greenville is a group of individuals who believe that everyone needs to support the local business groups, keep Greenville friendly, help each another, be loyal, buy local, be kind, be inspiring, take pride in who everyone is, what he/she stands for and for the city that he/she calls his/her home. Long before COVID there was a need for support of local vendors, shops, breweries, etc. Yes, that sometimes means paying a slightly higher price for items, but you can feel confident that the items were created by people who live in your community, want to build your confidence in their company and who are not planning on moving on to the next city.

Each individual needs to inspire those around him/her to rise above and to take the high road. It can be as little as stopping and picking up trash, directing a homeless person to a shelter/food bank, stopping and taking a picture of tourists, and the list goes on. It is up to the citizens who live here to take part in city development, community outreach programs, come up with solutions, and simply be a part of the people and place that they call home.

Loyal to Greenville Unisex Hoodie
Adorable Mice on Main Onesie
Be Loyal, Drink Local Trucker Cap and Tee
SC State Bird, Wren
Brewmiceter Mice - Brewmiceter.com

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Valid: February 09, 2024 - February 08, 2025

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