Old Rock Cafe

The Old Rock Café combines the atmosphere of a classic roadside diner with the wonder of riverside dining in the shadow of Chimney Rock itself. Right outside the gate of Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, it's the perfect place to grab a burger, pop open a local beer, and relax on the deck overlooking the Rocky Broad River.

Old Rock Cafe is proud to offer a simple menu full of big flavor. Since 1999, that’s been the Old Rock Café’s signature serving. Ask them and they'll tell you they're the hidden gem sitting in the shadows of Chimney Rock. Or ask Zagat’s. They put Old Rock Cafe on their “Must-Try Burgers across the Country” list. But their menu goes way beyond burgers. It ranges from pizzas with cauliflower crusts to locally sourced salads with organic ingredients—and from leisurely lunches to those on the go. You can even get your weekend started with breakfast at The Old Rock Café. They've got microbrews and cobblers-of-the-day, and they won’t look at you funny if you decide you want them together.

You’re hereby invited to loosen up your boots, take a load off, and share some stories of the day’s adventures over good food with great people. And bring those four-legged family members—they’re big fans of dogs, too. In fact, they have a dog-friendly menu!

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