Renegade Vittles

Their mission is to promote the kinship that gathering around a table creates by celebrating the many craftsman and artisans in the society. They are Upstate South Carolina's first underground supper club. The very definition of Renegade is a “person who deserts a party or a cause for another,” i.e. any outlaw or rebel. Why the name Vittles? Actually, they’ve taken the term ‘victuals’ (meaning food supplies or provisions) and changed it to the colloquial ‘vittles.’ Thus, outlaw or rebel food served within the parameters of a rebel location. Who are they? They are a group of culinary professionals aiming to bring a culinary experience that reaches beyond the imagination of a typical or normal dining experience. Their goal is to strip away the preconceived formality of restaurant dining and create a communal and populist alternative. They want to provoke the diners as well as the guest chefs to step outside their proverbial box or comfort zone. What to expect? Expect the unexpected. Many of their events are held in unconventional venues such as, an industrial textile mill, an art gallery, someone’s private home. The dining venues are always clandestine yet with a sense of adventure. The location of each event is kept ‘top secret’ until 24 hours prior. They email all ticket holders the location and further details of the event the day before. As with all of the RV events, there is no assigned or reserved seating. All seating is communal to allow a more social experience with guests. They want to make the dinner more of an interaction rather than a transaction. Most events are for adults only. No children unless indicated. Some events are BYOB, while some events wines or cocktails are included with the dinner. It goes without saying, please drink responsibly. Is the food or menu released prior to the event? No. Attending an underground supper club is about relinquishing control and completely trusting the chefs preparing the meal. If you have dietary restrictions, unfortunately the guest chefs cannot accommodate these restrictions. As a diner, you must come with an open mind and an open palate. Joyfully, at the mercy of the chefs preparing the meal. These are unique dishes that are unconventional. The chefs collaborate on dishes and experiment with possible new ingredients or new cooking techniques. The dishes of the evening are never created again like you’d find in a restaurant setting. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are a risk taker by nature, then an underground supper club experience is for you.
Expect the unexpected.

  • Secret destination
  • Greenville, SC 29601

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