Saltwater Kitchen

What's the best way to say "Welcome to Greenville" to the newest member of the award-winning Rick Erwin's Dining Group family? By stopping by for a meal, of course!

Saltwater Kitchen was conceived of as a way to offer the flavors of fine dining in a casual experience. Conveniently located in Haywood Mall, this eatery is the perfect place to drop by after a long day of shopping. Share unique cocktails at the bar, or enjoy dishes from a menu that revolves around fresh, familiar dishes, creatively reimagined by expert chefs. And while it's perfect for those last-minute "You decide—No, YOU decide" dinners, Saltwater Kitchen's delicious signature dishes, like the Tomato Pie, Lobster Roll, and Daily Catch of seafood are more than good enough for the date night you've been anticipating all week.

Rick Erwin's Dining Group knows style, and Saltwater Kitchen is no exception. Each dish is delicately prepared with the care and attention befitting only the most proud chefs. You'll want to snap a pic of these delicious dishes, but you'll want to do it quick—take too long and your friends just may be tempted to give your food a taste before you do!

Saltwater Kitchen is open for lunch, dinner, and a 4:00pm - 6:00pm happy hour every day of the week.

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