Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce

The Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce represents LGBT+ professionals and allies who understand that diversity, equality and economic empowerment are vital for any healthy business community.

With purpose and out of necessity, they are rewriting the narrative of the queer intersectional experience in the Upstate of South Carolina, to create a stronger, healthier community based on the shared appreciation for the diversity that defines and enhances us all.

Founded as a 501c(6) nonprofit in 2020 amid the challenges of the global pandemic, and with the help of dozens of volunteers, the Upstate LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce is creating a long-absent voice of advocacy for the Upstate LGBT+ business community while working to harness economic potential and give a powerful voice to people who may otherwise feel alienated or “other.”

In concert with allied business professionals who understand that in diversity there is strength, The Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce celebrates diversity and actively facilitates transformative growth for their members, allies, and queer folks alike.

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