Frequently Asked Questions

We bet there are things you are wondering about that many others have asked as well! Here you will find the answers to some of the most asked questions. If you don't' see what you need let us know we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.



What is the closest airport to Greenville, SC? 

Greenville- Spartanburg International is just 15 minutes from Greenville city center making it the closest if you're flying in. Check out more about them!


What major interstate or thorough fare gets me to Greenville? 

I-85 runs directly to Greenville. Access our Map Explorer to find directions to and around Greenville.



How will our attendees get around Greenville? 

Getting around town in Greenville is a breeze! The easiest way to get from point A to point B in downtown is walking; however, please feel free to explore the links below for more information: 
     - Free downtown Trolley Service
     - Bicycle Rentals in downtown Greenville

For moving around town outside of downtown without a vehicle of your own you can consider calling Eastside Transportation or Atchison Transportation for car service, or a number of hotels offer a downtown shuttle check with your front desk. 



Where is the best place to park in downtown Greenville?

You will find ample parking in a variety of forms. From metered and 700 free, time-limited to on-street parking spots to our 14 public parking lots and structures there are usually more spaces than there are cars. Please see our Parking Information page for a complete list of parking options in downtown Greenville. 


Is bus or motorcoach parking available? 

Absolutely! Contact the City of Greenville Parking Services at 864-467-4900 for options on parking your buses downtown. 



How can I provide attendees with special Greenville offers and discounts? 

VisitGreenvilleSC is happy to provide our member dining discount offers to groups hosting their event in town! Check out our IDine page.


Where can I host a private dining experience in Greenville? 

We have venues for all types and sizes of events. Take a look at this list of Greenville eateries offering private spaces for meetings and events.



Can I promote my event on street pole banners downtown?

Banners may be possible for public events,  the request should be handled through the City of Greenville.  Please contact the City of Greenville at 864-232-2273 for information on displaying promotional signage for your event.


Will the City of Greenville close down a street for my event? 

The answer is maybe. There are a variety of allowances for street closures. The City of Greenville Events Department is best to help you with this. A list of permit applications can be found at


Can you help me promote my event on social media? 

One of the best things about Yeah, THAT Greenville is there's always an event happening (300 every year, to be exact!). Feel free to use the hashtag #yeahTHATgreenville, along with your event's hashtag so that we can share some love with you on social media! For more specific questions please contact



Can you recommend unique, off-site venues in Greenville? 

We have more than 30 event venues in Greenville, many of which are unique and rich in history. Please see this list of Unique Meeting Facilities for more information on them. 


Who can I contact locally for event-planning assistance? 

Consider our list of Event Planning Companies here in Greenville

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