Already a member and not sure how to use some features? We bet someone else wonders too.


Take a look at answers for some of our most often-asked questions from members...


  • How often are HappyNet training sessions planned? When is the next one?

HappyNet training sessions take place routinely. Please be in touch to learn the next date. 

  • What size rack cards do you prefer for the Visitor Center?

Typical rack card sizes are 3.5”x8.5” or 4”x9”, but other similar sizes may work as well. Trifolds are also fine. We don’t recommend postcard-sized cards since they don't quite fit in the current racks.

  • Can I look at how many clicks and views my listing/coupons are receiving? 

Absolutely! Log in to HappyNet - Profile - My Benefits, and click on Listings/Offers.

  • How do I submit an event for the website?  

Our members can submit an event for inclusion on our events calendar via HappyNet -Collateral - Calendar of Events. These will still go through an approval process that could take 1-2 business days.

  • How do I edit my website listing?

Logging into HappyNet is where you can make all the changes to your photos, description, social media links and coupons.

  • Where do I upload photos, and where do they show up?

Member listings and coupons: upload them first in your media library. Then, go back to your member listing or coupon to tie the image. Coupons: limit 1 image per coupon. Member listings limits: basic listing 1 picture, web upgrade listing 5 pictures, featured listing/DMF listing 10 pictures. To find your media library, go to Collateral – Media.

  • How do I upload a video to my member listing?

In HappyNet, go to Collateral > Media, Add New Media, and choose Type: YouTube. Please note: Only YouTube clips can be uploaded, and they will only feed to your listing if you have the web upgrade.

  • What are the specs for uploading images?

LISTING IMAGES: Listing images must be JPGs or JPEGs, a minimum of 640x640 pixels [these show up in a square format for the first photo], with a file size of 4 MB or less. Landscape (horizontal) images work best; photographs are preferred over logos. Ratio 4:3.

EVENT IMAGES: Event images must be JPGs or JPEGs, a minimum of 640x480 pixels, with a file size of 4 MB or less. Landscape (horizontal) images work best; photographs are preferred over logos. Ratio 4:3.

  • Is there a preview page so I can see my edits?

No, there is not. When you have submitted new collateral or made changes, the pages go into a Pending mode and you can no longer edit until they have gone through the approval process. Please allow 2-3 business days for the approval process, and 1-2 hours for the approved changes to go live on the website.




Think you did it all right, but still something isn't working?

My image is not showing up in the member listing.

In the media library, check that you have clicked Certification of Images: YES.

In your listing, make sure that the image is Active.

How many images do you have tied to the listing? If you have more than the allotted (1 for a basic listing, 5 for a web upgrade listing, 10 for a featured/DMF listing) it may not show up. Unclick some of the other images from your listing.

My image looks blurry in the header in my listing on!

This is correct; there is nothing wrong. The header image is enlarged and blurred to create the feel of a background wallpaper.

My listing/coupon/event listing seems to be locked, I can’t make any changes!

Is it in Pending mode? Once it has become approved by us and left the Pending mode, you will be able to make changes again.

I don’t seem to have access to something I think I should see.

Please email us and specify what you are missing.