Member Spotlight: Greenville History Tours

This member spotlight was originally published in September 2017. 

This past August, tour operator John Nolan celebrated his 10th year offering tours to visitors and locals in Greenville. Starting his company's advertising efforts with only an A-frame sign on the sidewalk, Greenville History Tours has evolved from one walking tour to eleven different tours and classes. With a focus on Greenville's history and the up-and-coming  hot culinary scene, his tours are flourishing.

Nolan's newest offerings include the Greenville Breakfast Tour, which showcases Famous Toastery, LeGrand Bakery and Biscuit Head.  Soon, Greenville History Tours will be conducting a coffee class featuring Nolan's friend and colleague, Vincenzo Antignani. A new book is also on the way that focuses on long-gone eateries of Greenville entitled, Lost Restaurants of Greenville

All of this joins his pre-existing successful tours such as At The Chef's Table Culinary Tour, Greenville BBQ Trail Tour, West End Walking Tour, Downtown Driving Tour and Historic Neighborhoods & Architecture Northwest Tour. For more information on tour availability and pricing, visit