Oil & Vinegar Storefront

Member Spotlight: Oil & Vinegar 

This member spotlight was originally published in August 2019. 

The Oil & Vinegar “culinary gift shop” concept brings together a wide range of international foods and cooking products in alluring, Mediterranean-style surroundings. Guests can taste, experience and purchase, bottled and “on-tap” oils and vinegars, mustards, sauces, exotic herb mixes, flavored pastas/risottos, hand-made ceramics, and more. Oil & Vinegar also created gifts for your professional and personal network with your logo on custom printed labels. They also host tasting parties for all of the people in your professional or personal life. 

Joe and Veera Gaul moved from Rhode Island to Greenville, South Carolina to launch Oil & Vinegar. Joe and Veera combined both talents for Oil & Vinegar. Veera brought her training as a chef, 22 years of experience at Johnson & Wales University, and her passion for food and wine to the business. Joe brought his business and inventory management background to the Culinary Gift Shop.

Veera and Joe are excited to be part of the Greenville community, and are very active in the Greenville business community. "We love the opportunity to be part of and give back to this welcoming community in Greenville," says Joe.

Visit Oil & Vinegar at NOMA Square on Main Street (220 N Main Street, Suite 203) or call them at (864) 241-6689.