Member Spotlight:
Savannah Bee Company


This member spotlight was originally published in October 2022. 

You’ll notice that their name doesn’t contain the word “honey” – and that’s because at Savannah Bee Company their mission is all about the bees. Their store on Greenville’s beautiful Main Street is the perfect place to learn about bees while enjoying a fun and educational experience with daily samplings from raw honey from around the world, honeycomb, mead, and honeybee-inspired body care products.

This year, Savannah Bee Company celebrated its 20th anniversary. From day one to today, everything they do is so bees can continue their sacred work of building hives, pollinating flowers, powering our food supply, and spreading beauty.

Like a beehive sourcing for the best nectar, owner and head beekeeper, Ted Dennard scours the earth for the best honey. But he’s not buying it from just anyone… his partner beekeepers from around the world are friends he knows by name. Those beekeepers share a passion for saving the bees, and each of their carefully tended hives promotes a healthy bee population and a better environment.

Savannah Bee Company’s greatest impact is in education. When you visit, be sure to ask about their “Bee Cause Project.” Alongside its sponsors, beekeepers, educators, and community members The Bee Cause Project has provided Bee Grants to more than 730 schools and organizations, impacting thousands of children across the U.S., Canada, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico, It's easy to see that with each jar of honey, bee-powered beauty product, or mead purchased in their store you too are working to save the bees. 

This special space and the passionate team inside are working to educate, steward, and love one another, our community, and the bees. When you’re in town, stop in and enjoy your time at the mead and honey-tasting bars. You’ll be glad you did. Then, after you’ve left sweeter than when you arrived, be sure to tag us using #yeahTHATgreenville.

Savannah Bee Company invites you to love the bees and the honey, in that order. Their products may be purchased at the store or online at


Visit Savannah Bee Company at 123 North Main Street 
or give them a shout at 864.535.5484 or via Facebook.

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